Breast Cancer Assistance Program

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Breast Cancer Assistance Program

At its Columbia, Maryland headquarters, the American Breast Cancer Foundation operates a national Breast Cancer Assistance Program that provides financial assistance for breast cancer screenings and diagnostic tests for uninsured and underserved individuals, regardless of age or gender.  ABCF makes these lifesaving tests available to individuals who otherwise would have no other means of access.  In doing so, ABCF hopes to improve the chances of ruling out breast cancer, or diagnosing the disease at an early stage so that it may be treated successfully and increase survivorship.  More than 50 percent of ABCF callers already have symptoms of the disease. 

ABCF has provided more than 46,300 grants for breast cancer screenings and diagnostic services through its Breast Cancer Assistance Program.  As a result of ABCF’s funding, over 1,300 grant recipients have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and were able to take the next step toward breast health.

To seek assistance or learn more about ABCF’s Breast Cancer Assistance Program, contact our toll free number 844-219-2223 or call our local office at 410-730-5105 (ask or leave a message for Christina). Bilingual Program Specialists are also on staff and available to be of assistance or you can email Please be advised that there is an application process in which proof of residency and income qualification are required.  ABCF does not disclose income qualifications to the public, but almost everyone that is uninsured and meets each state's poverty guideline level, qualifies.  ABCF’s Breast Cancer Assistance Program hours are Monday - Thursday 9am to 6pm, and Friday’s 9am to 1:00pm, EST.  Please be advised that applications are on a first-come-first-served basis and, due to the high demand of requests, there is no guarantee that at the time of your call, applications will be available.

ABCF is known for providing financial assistance, but has gained great notoriety for providing a plethora of adjunct assistance in the form of resource lists.  ABCF’s Breast Cancer Assistance Program provides a current and reliable list of over 80 reputable nationwide resources within the breast health network.  This list of resources is given to callers when program applications are depleted, when it is deemed the caller is ineligible for the program, when the caller is in need of medical advice, or when assistance is requested that the program does not provide.

If you are in need of assistance and would like to know if you qualify for the program, please call the toll free number at 844-219-ABCF (2223) or our main office phone 410-730-5105 (ask or leave a message for Christina)