The American Breast Cancer Foundation serves as the connection between those with a passionate heart to give and those with the courage to seek help.

Ways You Can Donate to the American Breast Cancer Foundation

Mammograms for Mother's Day

Each year about 240,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. They are not just part of a startling statistic – they are sisters, daughters, friends, and mothers whose lives dramatically change upon hearing those words. Until we find a cure, the best way to change the course of this disease is through early detection.

That’s where the American Breast Cancer Foundation and YOU can help. This Mother’s Day, make an immediate impact in your mother’s (or other loved one’s) name by donating to our Mammograms for Mother’s Day campaign where you’ll be helping someone facing breast cancer get lifesaving testing they otherwise could not afford. We’ll notify the honoree of your donation if you’d like!


General donations are made to the American Breast Cancer Foundation by individuals, businesses, or organizations. Funding is directed to the organization’s general operations in support of, and to further, its commitment to uninsured and underserved populations.

Real Estate Donations

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest initiative – the Real Estate Donation Program. With this program, we aim to harness the power of real estate donations to further our mission and create lasting positive impact.

This program not only provides a unique avenue for our supporters to make a meaningful philanthropic impact but also offers a tax-deductible option for those looking to give back in a substantial way.

One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer. A mammogram typically costs at least $350 out of pocket. Our Breast Cancer Assistance Program covers these costs and more for patients who can’t afford this life-saving, early detection screening – but we can’t do it without your support.

Share a craft or project using the color pink in support of this year’s campaign by posting and using the hashtag #PaintItPink4ABCF. Paint it pink – by paying your love forward and making a donation in whatever amount is comfortable to our Paint it Pink campaign.

Vehicle Donations

Breast Cancer Car Donations has teamed up with the American Breast Cancer Foundation to help raise funds for our life-saving programs through our vehicle donation program. Donating your car to the American Breast Cancer Foundation is quick and easy.  

 Please call the 24/7 hotline at (866) 540-5069 or simply fill out the online vehicle donation form here to donate your vehicle and schedule your free vehicle pick-up — at a time and place convenient to you.  Many vehicle types are accepted, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boats, RVs, motorcycles in running or non-running condition.  You may also qualify for a tax deduction for your generous donation! 

Memorial and Tribute Donations

Memorial donations are the way to honor both the deceased and their family in lieu of or in addition to flowers.  An acknowledgment letter if instructed is sent to a decedent’s family member or friend informing them of your generous gift in memory of their loved one.    

Tribute donations are given in honor of an individual who is living. This person may be a breast cancer survivor, or perhaps a member of the community who is passionate about ABCF’s mission. 

  From the donate button check box to dedicate donation, then select type of tribute from the drop-down menu.   

Workplace Giving

Did you know that many employers have matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees?

The impact of your gift could possibly be doubled or even tripled.  Additionally, some companies also honor match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Please contact your human resources or matching gifts department to see if you can establish a matching gift donation in support of the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

For more information on other Workplace Giving options, see our Casual Work Day section on the Get Involved page or contact the ABCF Development Office.



Legacies & Bequests

The American Breast Cancer Foundation can become the vehicle through which otherwise ordinary individuals can make a significant and lasting impact. 

Consider making a bequest or beneficiary designation to the American Breast Cancer Foundation donations.  Your generous gift can help save a life by supporting ABCF’s vital programs.  

  • bequest is any assets bequeathed in a will or a trust.  The bequest can be a set amount of funds or assets, a percentage of the assets, or the residual from an estate. 
  • beneficiary designation is a gift that occurs outside of a will or trust.  This can be in the form of an IRA or an insurance policy, which you can designate ABCF as a beneficiary. 

Contact ABCF Development Office to learn more.

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To comply with IRS requirements, this notice will serve to verify that you have not received any substantial benefit in exchange for your gift and that no goods or services were exchanged. Please keep your receipt/acknowledgement for your tax records. Should you have additional questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact the ABCF Development Office.

National Breast Cancer Assistance Access For All

ABCF makes access to breast health care and services easier for everyone. By eliminating barriers for screenings and increasing the availability of other medical resources, we are helping women and men detect breast cancer at its earliest stage. 

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