Scientists Develop Artificial Intelligence to Help Doctors Determine Breast Cancer Risk

09/06/16 By Beth Anne

A new artificial intelligence (AI) software is offering doctors the ability to interpret mammogram results at a rate of 30 times faster than doctors alone. Researchers at Houston Methodist developed the software, which has 99 percent accuracy.

The AI software was able to successfully assess 500 breast cancer patients’ reports in just a few hours. The same task took two clinicians between 50 and 70 hours to complete for only 50 patients’ reports, according to Forbes.New AI software quickly and effectively analyzes mammogram results.

By offering doctors a fast and accurate method of analyzing mammogram results, this technology would cut down on the number of women who undergo breast biopsies unnecessarily after receiving a ‘suspicious’ mammogram. According to the researchers, false positives on mammograms result in 20 percent of the 1.6 million U.S. breast biopsies each year.

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