More Than Just a Lump: Raising Awareness for the Other Signs and Symptoms

12/07/16 By Beth Anne

While a lump is the most common sign of breast cancer, it is not the only symptom – in fact, 1 in 6 women diagnosed with the disease first went to their doctor with a sign other than a lump.

According to a new study conducted at University College London, those who experience other symptoms are more likely to wait to see their doctor, which can delay diagnosis and treatment.

The study found that 15 percent if women with symptoms other than a lump and 20 percent of women with both a lump and other symptoms, waited 90 days to consult their physician.

 “This research shows that, all too often, women are delaying going to their doctor with symptoms of breast cancer,” says Karen Kennedy, director of the National Cancer Research Institute in the U.K. “This could be because people are simply unaware that breast cancer can present in many different ways, not just through the presence of a lump.”

In addition to the presence of a lump, symptoms of breast cancer include: swelling, irritation on breast skin or nipple, breast or nipple pain, nipple discharge, nipple retraction and swollen lymph nodes. If you experience any of these symptoms, please report them to your doctor.

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