Dr. Roberta Kline

Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Roberta Kline is a board-certified ObGyn with expertise in utilizing functional genomics and epigenetics to address the molecular causes of women’s health issues. Passionate about changing how we approach women’s health and healthcare, she has pioneered innovation in translating research to clinical care through education, research, and communication. Dr. Klin’s ability to translate cutting-edge science into practical applications is a testament to her diverse background. As a clinical advisor, researcher, and educator, she has honed her skills in making complex scientific concepts accessible and relevant to clinical practice. Her experience as a managing partner and owner of conventional and holistic ObGyn practices, as well as her role as co-founder and CEO of genomic medicine companies, has equipped her with a deep understanding of the business and medicolegal challenges in healthcare and biotech.
Her award-winning research skills provide a comprehensive understanding of women’s health issues and innovative solutions. Dr. Kline’s effective communication style, as demonstrated through her published works and engaging presentations, highlights her ability to connect with both professional and consumer audiences. She also leverages her extensive educational and curriculum development background to create the infrastructure and content necessary for educating stakeholders, professionals, and end users about the adoption of innovative products and services.


  • Board-certified ObGyn
  •  Faculty at University of Western Sciences, Nutritional Genomics & Epigenetics
  • Clinical Advisor, IHRC (Integrative Health Research Center)
  • Editor, Women’s Health Digest
  • Educational Director, Women’s Health Collaborative
  • Advisory Board Member, American Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Advisory Board Member, Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training
  • Advisory Board Member, Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics
  • Previous Curriculum Development includes Genomic Medicine Certification Program, Genomic Medicine Mastermind Program, Psilocybin Facilitator Training Program, Nutrition-Certified Esthetician Program
  • Former co-founder and CEO of several genomic medicine companies with NGX and PGX testing, culinary genomics, personalized supplement formulation, clinician education & training
  • Former Clinical Advisor, Sodexo at Sharp Healthcare
  • Former Faculty and Lead Functional Medicine Program Developer, UNECOM (University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine)

References upon request.

Contact: 505-675-0444 drkline@robertaklinemd.com

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