Dr. Robert L Bard

Medical Advisory Board Member

Robert L. Bard, MD, DABR, FAIUM, FASLMS is a diagnostic imaging specialist in advanced 3-D sonography for the
detection of a wide list of cancers. His medical career began in 1972 in the USAF as a diagnostic radiologist and
evolved into the practice of non-invasive 3D imaging with ultrasound, MRI and laser technologies. He has served as
the head Radiologist at several leading hospitals, and published a multitude of textbooks and scientific papers. He
presents articles worldwide, teaches at International Conferences and is on the Editorial Review Board of National
and International Medical Journals. Holding medical licenses in several states, he is also board-certified from the
American Board of Radiology (1974) and Fellowship in the American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery
(2014). Dr. Bard maintains a busy consulting practice in New York City, committed to improving non-invasive
cancer testing and developing minimally invasive image guided technologies. Dr. Bard leads various diagnostic and
research programs including breast cancer screening, pediatric imaging and occupational exposures in the fire

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