Breast Cancer Recovery and Prevention Specialist Certificate Program

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It is essential that health-fitness professionals understand the various treatments that survivors undergo to provide safe and effective exercise programs. It is important to understand where in the recovery continuum the fitness professional can start with exercise programming minimizing risk of potential exercise side effects and complications.

ABCF is collaborating with the Medical Fitness Network (MFN) and Fitness Learning Systems (FLS) to sponsor the Breast Cancer Recovery and Prevention Specialist Certificate Program, an innovative course for fitness industry professionals.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this course will directly support ABCF programs, which provide financial assistance to underserved individuals, regardless of age or gender. ABCF’s partnership with MFN and FLS aims to help breast cancer patients and survivors make informed health decisions by providing a resource for education, a key element in the fight against cancer. 

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Breast Cancer Specialist Program Website

ABCF Collaborates with Medical Fitness Netowork and Fitness Learning Systems for Innovative Course