What is Breast Cancer?

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What is Breast Cancer?  

When a malignant tumor has started from the cells and tissues of the breast, it is called breast cancer.  In order to understand breast cancer, we must first learn the basics of breast anatomy. 

Breast cancers which start in the cells that line the ducts are called ductal cancers.  The majority of breast cancers are ductal cancers.  Those breast cancers which start in the lobules are called lobular cancers, and other breast cancers start in the stroma.

Once cancer cells have reached the lymph nodes, there is an increased risk that the cancer cells could enter the bloodstream.  Cancer cells in the bloodstream can cause cancer to spread or metastasize.  However, it should be noted that not all cancers which are found in lymph nodes metastasize and individuals who have no cancer cells in their lymph nodes can still have cancer metastasize later on.

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