Breast Self-Exam (BSE)

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Breast Self-Exam       

Women can and should examine their own breasts starting in their 20s.  Performing regular self-exams allows a women to get to know how her own breasts look and feel, which may make you more likely to report any changes to your doctor.  If you choose to do a breast self-exam (BSE), you should have your technique reviewed by a medical professional

There are three ways of performing a breast self-exam:

  • Circular 
    • Start at the outer edge of your breast, and move fingers around the entire breast in a circular motion.    
  • Vertical 
    • Start at your underarm area, and move your fingers downwards and back up until you have checked your entire breast.  
  • Wedge 
    • Start at the outer edge of your breast, and move your fingers towards the nipple and back to the edge until you have checked the entire breast in small wedge-shaped sections.  

And remember...

  • Use the pads of your three middle fingers to feel your breast.  
  • Always check your underarm and upper chest as well.
  • Apply different levels of pressure while doing a self-exam.
  • Look at your breasts in a mirror to check for any visual changes, such as changes in breast shape and/or swelling. 

To learn more about the breast self-exam, watch the video below:





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