Community Partnership Program

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Community Partnership Program

In conjunction with its Breast Cancer Assistance Program, ABCF also maintains a Community Partnership Program with medical clinics and health care consortiums to provide reduced-fee breast cancer screenings, diagnostic mammograms, and ultrasounds.  ABCF began its first community partnership in 2009 and, currently in 2017, ABCF has partnered with 9 facilities in 9 different states across the nation. 

Through its Community Partnership Program, ABCF has served more than 3,900 people, of which approximately 32 were diagnosed with breast cancer.  ABCF understands the needs of its clients and continues to partner with facilities that give them the best accessibility to the services that we provide.  The best accessibility includes FDA approved mammography at its lowest cost.  ABCF only provides funding to facilities that make it possible for ABCF to cover the entire costs of individuals' screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, and breast ultrasounds. 

ABCF takes great pride in its community partnerships and we understand the positive impact that we make in countless lives by working together.  ABCF seeks to partner with more facilities nationwide to increase the number of people we reach through the services we provide. 

For your medical clinic or health care consortium to be considered for ABCF’s Community Partnership funds, please contact Christina Johns, Bilingual Program Coordinator at or 844-219-ABCF (2223) ext. 101 to learn more about the requirements, or send a confidential fax 410-740-2162.