Community Advocacy Program

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Community Advocacy Program

"You have breast cancer."  These words have been said to many individuals today; and yesterday; and the day before.  Each individual's reaction is different, but all are dealing with a variety of emotions, shock, fear, and upcoming critical decisions.  Where do I turn?  How will I do this? How can I pay? What will happen to me?  What will happen to my family?  At this point, every person diagnosed with breast cancer is looking desperately for hope, support, and assistance in understanding this new life changing event; this huge adjustment.

Imagine how comforting it would feel to have some qualified, knowledgeable health care worker who could be there with you.  This person could disseminate appropriate and accurate information to you and your family.  They could help you and help your family make informed decisions about your varying options for treatment and care.

These new health care workers are called Community Advocates and Nurse Navigators. They serve as a beacon of light and hope to guide patients to their best choices of facilities and care providers.

Community Advocates and Nurse Navigators provide guidance in all aspects of this new, fearful journey that must be made by the breast cancer patient.  They take the hand of the patient, and accompany them through their entire the doctor's office, to the hospital, to rehabilitation, and finally to take their victorious trip home.