A New Day Has Begun at ABCF

06/05/15 By Jacky

A New Day Has Begun at ABCF

The American Breast Cancer Foundation is a charitable organization focused on breast cancer prevention.  Based in Columbia, Maryland, the organization provides early detection, education, and screening services.

Since its complete restructuring beginning in 2010, ABCF has made impressive gains in securing funding for its programs, relying only on events fundraising, private donations, and corporate donations.  Between January 2012 and March 2014, ABCF received dollars from every state in the nation, Puerto Rico, and 3 foreign countries.

Fully 95% of all clients queried in the January 2012 Consumer Satisfaction Survey expressed they were either extremely or very satisfied with services received.  One client said,

“This is the best service I have ever experienced.”

In 2014, ABCF was awarded a Silver Level Rating by the GuideStar Exchange for its significant gains to implement a best practice model.

Although ABCF received a lower-than-desirable rating from Charity Navigator in 2013, (primarily due to telemarketing costs and business procedure in effect prior to 2010 under different management), it is clear that a new day has begun at the American Breast Cancer Foundation.