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The American Breast Cancer Foundation's fundraising efforts gather voluntary contributions through donations from individuals, businesses, and charitable foundations.  Fundraising is a significant method by which financial support is obtained to enable ABCF's intensive programs.  These programs target uninsured or underserved individuals in critical need, and may actually decrease mortality rates from breast cancer in these populations.

Paint It Pink!

We are #PaintingitPink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we want you to do the same! ABCF has created a social media campaign that is simple, easy and fun for all who want to participate. All you have to do is Follow American Breast Cancer Foundation on Facebook or Instagram, paint/ turn something pink in honor of breast cancer, share your post and challenge your friends to paint or donate for the cause. Grab a brush and #PaintitPink!

Start Your Own Fundraiser

Whether it's a fun run, bake-a-thon, sports game or dinner, get your community involved to raise money for our worthy cause! Use Facebook, Go-Fund Me or just simply mail us in a check for a no hassle way to make a difference. 

Casual work day

Wanna wear comfortable clothes for a cause? by organizing casual work days you can raise money for women in need, while kicking back in your favorite pair of jeans! Employees are allowed to dress in casual wear if they donate a small fee to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Learn more about it here

CoRporate Partners & Licensing Agreements

Would your business like to become a leader in the fight against breast cancer? To learn more about partnership opportunities with ABCF, contact our development office: 410-730-5105

ABCF Fundraising Products

ABCF wants to educate as many idividuals as we can on the importance of early detection. Contact our offices if you want to recieve important educational brochures and items to help bring awareness to your school, office, community, or other. 

Shopping with a Purpose!

The easiest way to help save lifes is by only shopping through Amazon Smile. Change your charity to the American Breast Cancer Foundation and Amazon will donate money every time you shop. It is as easy as that!

Propane for Life