Propane For Life

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Propane For Life

Most propane delivery trucks are plainly painted and embossed with the company logo. However, when a propane company partners with ABCF's Propane For Life program, their trucks are transformed bright PINK!  

Besides raising awareness and encouraging the lifesaving power of early breast cancer detection with their PINK trucks, the propane company donates to ABCF one cent for every gallon delivered or one cent for every mile traveled by the PINK delivery truck.

Companies report unexpected praise and support from their customers and communities derived from their Propane for Life involvement.  In their own words......

  • ENERGY COOPERATIVE - "Our drivers report that, while they were on lunch break, people actually came up to hug them and to say, 'Thank you!'  Some of our drivers even leave a pink ribbon on customers' propane tanks!"
  • HOLTZMAN PROPANE - "We had a picture taken with our pink truck and three of our company employees who are breast cancer survivors.  We printed the photo in the company newsletter that goes out to all our customers.  We had a huge response about the company's support for ABCF!"

To learn more or to participate in the Propane For Life program please contact Katherine Mele at the ABCF Development Office: