Plan Your Own Fundraiser

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Plan Your Own Fundraiser

Help support ABCF by hosting a great fundraising event or promotion to help fund ABCF programs.  These programs provide vital financial support to the uninsured and underserved for breast cancer screenings and diagnostic tests, which can save a life with early detection.

Fundraising for ABCF is easy - just set up your GoFundMe page and choose ABCF as the recipient charity. As a certified PayPal Giving Fund charity, donations to your page will come directly to ABCF to benefit our lifesaving programs.

Once your page is set up, you can easily share socially, invite others to participate/donate, and track your progress!

Not keen to fundraising online? No problem. Simply click on the "Guidelines for Use of ABCF Logo/Branding" link in the dropdown menu to the left. There, you can easily print and complete a guideline form and begin your fundraiser that way.

We at ABCF believe BIG fundraising ideas begin with you. Here's a list of ideas to get you started:

  • 50 Mammograms by Mother's Day
  • Men's High Heel Race
  • PINK Bake Sale
  • Athletic events (5k, Golf tournament, Dance-a-thon, etc.)
  • Tournaments (Fishing, Gaming, etc.)
  • Restaurant Night
  • Get creative! We can't wait to hear your ideas!

To create your own fundraiser, click here to sign up with GoFundMe and get started! Just follow the easy GoFundMe set-up tutorial.

For more information contact Katherine Mele at the ABCF development office:  

Email:                                Phone: 410-730-5105, ext. 103