Pink Plate Program

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Does your restaurant wish to stand out in your community and help make a positive impact on the fight against breast cancer? Join the Pink Plate Program!

The Pink Plate Program is a take on the famous diner “Blue Plate Special.” It is a unique, fun advertising campaign designed to help promote your restaurant and raise awareness and vital funding for ABCF programs.

Throughout the campaign, your restaurant simply creates a healthy, specialty dish to feature on the menu. A percentage of the proceeds from this “Pink Plate Special” would be donated directly to ABCF’s lifesaving programs.

The Pink Plate Program can take place on a yearly, renewable basis or on a monthly basis – for example, during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can choose the duration of the campaign!

ABCF will provide your restaurant with a “Pink Plate Program” poster to promote the campaign, as well as tent cards to display on tables, if desired.

Help ABCF extend the reach of the rescue!

For more information, contact Katherine Mele at the ABCF Development Office:

Phone: 410-730-5105, ext. 103
Fax: 410-730-4186