Brooke Parker Wingate

Director of Social Media and Educational Outreach


Brooke joined the ABCF team in May 2018 as the Director of social media and Educational Outreach. She is a graduate from the University of Kentucky, where she studied Communications Brooke has worked for multiple Baltimore-based non-profits such as the House of Ruth woman’s shelter and the Maryland Zoo.  

Her experiences led her to ABCF, where she hopes to help communicate the importance of early detection screening to people across the country. Brooke’s passion for the ABCF mission of early detection comes from the effect breast cancer has had on her family. Her mother and sister both tested positive for the BRACA 2 gene and her maternal grandmother won her battle with breast cancer. Brooke is proud to be a part of the ABCF family that is creating opportunities to provide care enabling others to live a fuller life. 

National Breast Cancer Assistance Access For All

ABCF makes access to breast health care and services easier for everyone. By eliminating barriers for screenings and increasing the availability of other medical resources, we are helping women and men detect breast cancer at its earliest stage. 

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