Brenda Loube

Chair Emerita


Brenda Loube is currently the CEO of BCL Teams, an innovative company that offers speaking engagement and consulting services to women entrepreneurs. Their mission is to educate, coach, and support other business owners, either formally as a client or informally as an affiliate. 

She has more than 40 years of experience in promoting good health, well-being, and fitness. As a business owner, educator, speaker, and author Brenda continues to model the business acumen and lifestyle skills that result in prosperity, both personally and professionally. 

Brenda has the honor of being chosen by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, (WBENC) as a “Women of Distinction.” She was also awarded the “Enterprising Woman of the Year Award” by WBENC and recognized by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness with the “Sports Community Leadership Award”. 

Ms. Loube has been a dedicated ABCF board member since 2004 and began serving in the capacity of board chair in 2008. Through this role, Brenda oversees ABCF’s volunteer Board of Directors, various committees, and Medical Advisory Board. She is passionate about helping to facilitate and advance ABCF’s life-saving programs that are crucial to the diagnosis, treatment, and survival of breast cancer. Her overarching goal is to build organizational capacity, inspire, and promote innovative ideas to advance ABCF’s vital mission. 

National Breast Cancer Assistance Access For All

ABCF makes access to breast health care and services easier for everyone. By eliminating barriers for screenings and increasing the availability of other medical resources, we are helping women and men detect breast cancer at its earliest stage. 

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