Mitchell Zack

License and Compliance Manager 


Mitchell joined ABCF in December 2019 as a Licensing and Compliance Manager. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Criminal Justice.  

Mitchell previously worked for several pharmaceutical companies in the DMV area, in both their Human Resources and Administration Departments. His experience within the pharmaceutical industry sharpened his customer service skills and allowed him to perfect his rapport-building qualities, which are essential to creating lasting relationships between customers, clients, and partners.  

Mitchell has a strong compassion for those who have been affected by breast cancer and has been a supporter long before he began working at ABCF. Mitchell has organized fundraisers for the benefit of those affected by the disease. He is a strong advocate for helping those who are in need and feels that there is always something impactful any one person can do. 


National Breast Cancer Assistance Access For All

ABCF makes access to breast health care and services easier for everyone. By eliminating barriers for screenings and increasing the availability of other medical resources, we are helping women and men detect breast cancer at its earliest stage. 

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