Breast Cancer Technique Debuts in Carroll County

02/02/15 By Nan

Breast Cancer Technique Debuts in Carroll County

Iodine seed insertion called more comfortable for patients undergoing surgery.

Carroll Hospital Center now has a new breast cancer surgery technique that increases comfort for the patient, and also gives surgeons more options for the surgery itself.  This technique will become the new standard for most breast cancer surgeries.

A small signal-emitting “seed” is implanted into the breast to aid the surgeon in finding the exact location of the tumor.  The seed can be found with a simple hand scanner in the operating room. Previously, a guide wire was inserted into the breast to meet up with a titanium chip.  The surgical patient would need to travel to the radiologist department on surgery day to have the wire inserted into their breast.  Then they would have to walk back to the operating suite and wait for their appointed time, sometimes several hours later.  This was hard on patients; emotionally and physically.  With the new seed technique, patients can actually have the seed implanted a few days prior to surgery to make the actual day less traumatic, and shorter.

In addition, because the surgeons don’t have to contend with the presence of a wire, they have more flexibility in their choice of the location of the incision.  This flexibility results in a more cosmetic incision, which nets a more aesthetic result.

Dr. Donna Hobart, breast surgeon and medical director of the hospital’s Center for Breast Health says,

“It does let me make more precise and more cosmetic incisions, which is one of my concerns.  I don’t just want to take the cancer out, I want to take the cancer out and have the patient not really notice I have been there.”

This new technique was begun by Dr. Hobart in October.  Now the numbers of patients treated with this procedure is increasing, and she has begun training other breast cancer surgeons at Carroll County hospital in this new protocol.  



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