Breast Cancer Cocktail Buys More Than a Year of Life

02/24/15 By Daryl Lee

Breast Cancer Cocktail Buys More Than a Year of Life

A new cocktail of drugs can increase a patient’s life for up to 16 months! 

The cocktail includes Herceptin (trasztuzumab) and Perjeta (pertuzumab), two complementing drugs which contain lab-engineered antibodies that target tumor cells, and the standard chemotherapy drug, docetaxel.  Recent studies have shown that patients with metastatic breast cancer who were treated with the combination of drugs lived longer, nearly an average of 5 years in comparison to the usual two to three year life span.  Clinical trials are now going on to see if the combination of drugs can work on patients with less advanced breast cancer, even possibly curing them. 

The new regimen offers those with advanced breast cancer another treatment option and hope.  Dr. Jennifer Keating Litton of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center says,

“I can’t think of something that improves survival by this much.” 

The drug combination may cause side effects and is costly.  However, Genetech, the company which manufacture’s the drug, does offer financial assistance to those who are uninsured, or underinsured.  



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