Aggressive Breast Cancers and Stem Cell Test

03/10/15 By Nan

Aggressive Breast Cancers and Stem Cell Test

A study was published in the journal of Breast Cancer Research.

Recently a team of European researchers found ways to identify women with potentially aggressive forms of cancer.  These discoveries could lead to a more personalized, intensive program of treatment, and perhaps reduce mortality rates for this group. ​

The biggest takeaways from this study were threefold:

The tendency to aggressively spread cancers to other parts of the body seems to depend on how closely the cancer cells behave like adult stem cells.  The more they act like stem cells, the more likely this cancer will spread. 

Uncovering the likelihood of spread will drive a more intense course of treatment.  

Gene testing for this activity will not only predict aggressive forms and determine treatment, but also help foresee which patients are likely to relapse.  Treatment may be intensified or extended to protect the patient.

This study is a win/win for helping to identify, treat, and maintain patients with potentially aggressive forms of breast cancer.