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A New Day has Begun at ABCF


A New Day has Begun at ABCF


As I am recently engaged as the COO of the American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF), I cannot attest to the past practices of prior leadership, but I can point to the outstanding work the ABCF has done and services provided to underserved and underinsured women in the last three years. 

It is my understanding that ABCF, in an effort to provide additional life saving breast cancer screenings and diagnostic testing, used telemarketing organizations to its detriment and suffered significantly in the charitable marketplace as a result. After expending significant legal fees to separate from telemarketers, the ABCF again provides direct financial assistance to people who have nowhere else to go. 

ABCF has granted over $569,282 to women in five Florida counties alone. That doesn’t sound like a foundation that deserves to be bombarded with nasty and profane messages as a result of old statistics and hurtful accusations. When the unfortunate negative publicity surfaced this week, it was the second time this foundation had to answer to the same set of circumstances, the same players, promulgated by the media. I believe there is a law concerning double jeopardy. Does it not apply to the press? 

I invite you to review this website to learn more about the ways we raise money as dedicated, non-profit professionals who give and provide help and hope to those who could not otherwise afford it.