Diane Carrone, Independent Voting Member

Board Member

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Diane Carrone has served as an ABCF board member since 2017.  Her passion and commitment to social justice and advocating for individuals that are underinsured, uninsured, and underserved has led her to join the ABCF board.  Her personal goal is to leverage her expertise in business development, community health, education, and advocacy to improve the health of underserved individuals and communities in support of the organization’s goal:  To provide access to early detection of breast cancer to as many individuals as possible.

For over three decades, Diane has actively advocated on behalf of the infirmed, elderly, and underserved, and their families and has provided written and verbal testimony at the local, state, and federal levels on a variety of health and social justice issues. Her commitment to these causes compelled her to seek election to public office. She was elected in 1984 in Bridgeport, Connecticut and served as Alderman and Chair of the Public Health and Education Committees. Under her direction, she affected changes in public policy and oversight regarding quality of care in long term care facilities throughout the state, secured funding for HIV and AIDS education, and worked collaboratively with state and federal agencies to establish standards of care and compassion for those affected with HIV and AIDS, and their families.

Diane is the Chief Operating Officer of a major Medical Practice in Maryland.  She served as a Connecticut Commissioner of Humane Affairs, where she had direct impact on healthcare policy, and held Executive Board Member positions as Secretary and Treasurer for several Health, Wellness, and Health Education Advocacy Boards.  Diane currently serves on the Legislative Board of the Maryland State Medical Society.